American Botanical Council Founder and Executive Director Mark Blumenthal said, "I consider Michael Moore one of my greatest teachers on herbs and medicinal plants, i.e., based on the lectures of his I have attended over the past 35 or more years that I have known him. While I don't have many regrets in my life, if I were to have to make a list, I would definitely include the fact that I never made the time to spend the full 5 months learning with Michael when his school was still residence-based. Now, I, and the herbalists of my generation, as well as new generations of students, will have the immense benefit of learning from Michael via the convenience of this DVD-based program."

PROGRAM II: Herbal Materia Medica

These will be set up in alphabetical order by the genus.

The lectures cover the botanical nature of the plants, their habitat, distribution, constituents, what they should look and taste like in commerce, how to grow or gather them, parts used, preferred form of preparation and dosages, therapeutic uses and their stature as remedies. Lectures may be 90 minutes for the Echinaceas, 15 minutes for the Verbenas, 5 minutes for Condurango Root. The video lectures are interspersed with film clips, photographs, distribution maps, etc. (the same way I lecture). The number of DVDs is 58 and adjunct CDs is 5. The video lectures are 115 hours, the audio lectures on secondary plants are about 100 hours. There are 10 lesson sections. Each lesson has a plant guide that outlines preparations, formulas they are commonly used within, and formula preparation methods. The cost will be $1000. There will be two optional residencies. One 6-day class in making herbal preparations, one 6 day field trip for plant identification and gathering procedures



The programs can begin at any time you wish; there is no "starting date". We would prefer that you complete at least one section per month, if only for the continuity it offers.

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