This is a collection of B/W engravings, pen and ink drawings and illustrations from a variety of sources. Some of these are rather large images (to preserve clarity) and may be hard to view on your browser except by scrolling feverishly. Using a helper application or saving the image for external viewing may be easier on the eyes. File sizes are given by pixels (?x?) and kilobytes (?K)

THUMBNAILS of all illustrations
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Abies - Carthamus (116K)
Index #2.html - Cassia - Convolvulus scammonia (116K)
Index #3.html - Copaiba - Hyocyamus niger (116K)
Index #4.html - Ipomea jalapa - Rhamnus purshiana #2 (96K)
Index #5.html - Rhamnus purshiana - Zingiber (92K)

Drug plant engravings from "Materia Medica and Pharmacognosy" by David Culbreth, M.D. (1927) and Kings American Dispensatory (1898), with a few other odd sources

Abies excelsa.gif - Norway Pine or Spruce Fir...the source of Burgundy Pitch (760x1086) (53K)
Acacia arabica.gif- Acacia: a source of Gum Arabic (801x1349) (68K)
Acacia catechu.gif- Catechu Acacia (977x1349) (80K)
Acacia senegal.gif- Acacia: another source of Gum Arabic (919x1102) (50K)
Aconitum fischeri #1.gif - Flowering plant 67K (997 x 1661)
Aconitum fischeri #2.gif - Tubers 53K (865 x 1797)
Aconitum #3.gif - Aconitum napellus, flower and leaves 79K (1200 x 1809)
Acorus calamus.gif- Sweet Flag or Calamus (742x1080) (50K)
Acorus calamus #2.gif - Plant 89K (1144x1321)
Adiantum comparisons.gif - A. capillus-veneris and A. pedatum 42K (1264 x 895)
Aletris.gif - Leaves and rhizome 51K (1109 x 1837)
Aloes.gif- Aloe perryi and Aloe vera, sources of Aloe Powder (1285x931) (40K)
Anamirta cocculus.gif- India berry, Fish Berry-source of picrotoxin (966x1441) (80K)
Anemone nemorosa.gif - whole plant 46K(1006 x 2599)
Anemone patens.gif - Aerial part in seed 54K (1120 x 2426)
Angelica archangelica.gif- Angelica (783x723) (30K)
Apocynum androsaemifolium.gif - Plant and parts 57K (1177 x 1809)
Apocynum cannabinum.gif- Canadian Hemp (629x1221) (45K)
Apocynum cannabinum-2.gif - Plant and parts 60K(1101 x 1813)
Aristolochia serpentaria.gif - Whole plant 32K (847 x 1195)
Arnica montana.gif- Arnica, Leopards-bane (709x922) (50K)
Astragalus gummifer.gif- Tragacanth (825x1261) (58K)
Atropa belladonna-2.gif - Branch and root 66K (1267 x 1384)
Baptisia tinctoria.gif - Flowering branch 35K(1000 x 1807)
Bidens pilosa.gif -Flowering tops 35K (745 x 1285)
Caffea arabica.gif- Coffee (1318x1180) (85K)
Cannabis-2.gif - Plant 42K (811 x 1420)
Capsella bursa-pastoris.gif - Detail of plant 60K (1441 x 1753)
Capsicum frutescens.gif- Capsicum (742x769) (38K)
Carthamus.gif - Flowering plant 27K (807 x 1031)
Cassia angustifolia.gif- Senna, Tinnevelly (1111x1422) (80K)
Cassia fistula.gif- Purging Cassia (845x1225) (73K)
Cassia senna.gif- Senna, Alexandrian (953x1349) (75K)
Castanea dentata.gif - Flowering branch, seeds 78K (1048 x 1072)
Caulophyllum.gif - Whole plant 60K (1369 x 1873)
Ceanothus americanus.gif - Flowering branch 61K (1072 x 1360)
Cephaelis ipecacuanha.gif- Ipecac (993x1221) (60K)
Cetraria islandica.gif- Iceland Moss (739x745) (35K)
Cetraria islandica #2.gif - Lichen frond 45K (811 x 958)
Chamaelirium luteum.gif -"False" Unicorn Root 36K (727 x 1321)
Chelidonium majus.gif - Flowering top 43K (838 x 1039)
Chelone glabra.gif - Flowering top 31K (709 x 1297)
Chimaphila umbellata.gif- Pipsissewa (811x988) (25K)
Chimaphila umbellata #2.gif - Flowering plant 27K (712 x 1303)
Chionanthus virginica.gif - Flowering branch 40K (1006 x 982)
Chondrus crispus.gif- Irish Moss (976x1152) (80K)
Cichorium intybus.gif- Chicory (915x655) (40K)
Cichorium intybus #2.gif - Plant detail 56K (1213 x 1204)
Cimicifuga racemosa.gif- Black Cohosh (849x1541) (58K)
Cimicifuga racemosa #2.gif - Plant detail 79K (1208 x 1737)
Cinchona succirubra.gif- Peruvian or Quinine Bark (937x1461) (73K)
Cinnamomum camphora.gif- Camphor Tree-the primary source for Natural Camphor (856x1114)(53K)
Citrullus colocynthis.gif- Colocynth, Bitter Apple (1237x1525) (88K)
Claviceps purpurea.gif- Ergot, Rye Smut (373x1497) (30K)
Clematis virginiana.gif - Vine detail 40K (757 x 1277)
Cola_nitida.gif- Cola (Kola) Nut (1129x1417) (90K)
Colchicum autumnale.gif- Colchicum, Meadow Saffron (553x997) (33K)
Commiphora myrrha.gif - Branch detail 30K (724 x 1270)
Conium maculatum.gif- Poison Hemlock (892x988) (53K)
Conium maculatum #2.gif - Plant detail 38K (892 x 1018)
Convallaria majalis.gif- Lily-of-the-Valley (562x937) (23K)
Convolvulus scammonia.gif- Scammony (1198x1054) (72K)
Copaiba langsdorfii.gif- Copaiba-the source of Gum Copaiba (988x1285) (78K)
Coptis trifolia.gif - Plant detail 35K (1117 x 773)
Curcuma longa.gif- Turmeric (846x1134) (68K)
Digitalis purpurea.gif- Foxglove (457x741) (28K)
Dioscorea villosa roots.gif - 54K (904 x 1324)
Dryopteris filix-mas.gif - Aspidium, Male Fern (457x838) (30K)
Dryopteris filix-mas #2.gif - Fern detail 57K (891 x 1112)
Dryopteris marginalis.jpg - Fern bundle photograph 54K (437 x 583)
Ecballium elaterium.gif- Squirting Cucumber (617x857) (35K)
Elettaria cardamomum.gif- Cardamom (672x955) (63K)
Epigaea repens.gif - Flowering branch 38K (628 x 1036)
Equisetum arvense.gif - Plant details 53K (1207 x 1324)
Erechtites hieracifolia.gif - Flowering plant 54K (763 x 1195)
Erythroxylon coca.gif- Coca (691x1030) (30K)
Eupatorium perfoliatum.gif- Boneset (1156x850) (43K)
Euphorbia pilulifera.gif - Flowering plant 20K (583 x 1303)
Ferula foetida.gif- Asafoetida (811x1525) (50K)
Ferula foetida-2.gif - Plant 64K (1189 x 1509)
Ferula galbaniflua.gif- Galbanum (1005x1457) (83K)
Fraxinus ornus.gif- Manna Ash (1193x1321) (93K)
Fucus vesiculosus.gif- Bladderwrack (564x1373) (45K)
Garcinia hanburyi.gif- Gamboge (841x1168) (58K)
Gaultheria procumbens.gif- Wintergreen (892x910) (33K)
Gelsemium sempervirens.gif- Gelsemium, Yellow Jasmine (1234x1183)(85K)
Gigartina mamillosa- Another Irish Moss (628x1201) (43K)
Glycyrriza glabra.gif- Spanish Licorice (841x1198) (55K)
Gossypium herbaceum.gif - Flowering branch 55K (1152 x 1422)
Guaiacum sanctum.gif- Guaiacum, Lignum Vitae (838x1162) (50K)
Guaiacum sanctum-2.gif - Flowering branch 42K (1112 x 1206)
Hagenia abyssinica.gif- Kuosso, Brayera (820x1159) (63K)
Hamamelis virginiana.gif- Witch Hazel (676x934) (55K)
Humulus lupulus.gif- Hops (1006x1174) (53K)
Hyocyamus niger.gif- Henbane (1053x875) (58K)
Ipomea (Exogonium) jalapa.gif- Jalap Root (1081x1417) (78K)
Jateorhiza palmata.gif- Calumba (1159x931) (78K)
Liquidambar orientalis.gif- Oriental Storax Tree (955x779) (53K)
Lobelia inflata.gif- Lobelia (673x1293) (45K)
Lycopodium clavatum.gif- Lycopodium, Club Moss (735x1127) (33K)
Marrubium vulgare.gif- Horehound and adulterant (743x923) (40K)
Matricaria chamomilla.gif - Plant details 37K (901 x 1372)
Myristica fragrans.gif- Nutmeg and Mace (1289x1099) (68K)
Nicotiana tabacum.gif- Tobacco (490x943) (20K)
Ourouparia gambir.gif- Gambir, Pale Catechu (850x1147) (55K)
Panax quinquefolium.gif- American Ginseng (745x1241) (43K)
Papaver somniferum.gif- Opium Poppy (585x989) (33K)
Paullinia cupana.gif- Guarana Bean (667x803) (45K)
Physostigma venenosum.gif- Calabar (Ordeal) Bean (832x1231) (58K)
Picrasma excelsa.gif - Flowering branch 63K (1136 x 1449)
Piper cubeba.gif- Cubeb Berries (941x1237) (43K)
Podophyllum peltatum.gif- American Mandrake (799x1621) (48K)
Polygala senega.gif- Senega Snake Root (1153x1341) (55K)
Prunus laurocereus.gif- Cherry Laurel (511x877) (28K)
Punica granatum.gif- Pomegranate (1021x982) (48K)
Quercus alba.gif- White Oak (991x928) (45K)
Quillaja saponaria.gif- Soap Tree (712x952) (48K)
Rhamnus frangula.gif - Branch detail 48K (1040 x 1341)
Rhamnus purshiana.gif- Cascara Sagrada (1006x991) (48K)
Rheum officinale.gif- Turkey or Chinese Rhubarb (482x569) (30K)
Sanguinaria canadensis.gif- Blood Root (1021x1525) (50K)
Santalum album.gif- Sandalwood (565x538) (25K)
Sassafras albidum.gif- Sassafras (673x749) (35K)
Scopola carniolica.gif- Scopola (1191x1045) (65K)
Selenicereus grandiflorus.gif- Cactus Grandiflorus, Night-Blooming Cereus (922x949) (48K)
Smilax.gif- Sarsaparilla (505x659) (25K)
Spigelia marylandica.gif- Pinkroot (553x1474) (33K)
Strychnos nux-vomica.gif- Nux Vomica (1159x910) (58K)
Thymus vulgaris.gif- Mother of Thyme (1018x934) (68K)
Toluifera balsamum.gif- Balsam of Tolu Tree (1066x1246) (80K)
Toluifera pereirae.gif- Balsam of Peru Tree (1105x1277) (83K)
Urginea maritima.gif- Squill, Sea Onion (985x688) (53K)
Valeriana officinalis.gif- Valerian (736x1108) (38K)
Valeriana officinalis-2.gif - Plant detail 51K (1104 x 1575)
Veratrum viride.gif- Green Hellebore (539x911) (25K)
Viburnum opulus.gif- Cramp Bark (631x727) (35K)
Zingiber officinale.gif- Ginger (934x1036) (60K)

Thomsonian plant woodcuts from "A GUIDE TO HEALTH (1848)" by Benjamin Colby.
Bayberry.gif- Myrica cerifera (1159x1670) (63K)
BitterRoot.gif- Apocynum androsaemifolium (1199x1454) (55K)
Bloodroot.gif- Sanguinaria (1145x1733) (75K)
Blue Flag.gif- Iris versicolor (1165x1279) (55K)
Ladies' Slipper.gif- Cypripedium (1183x1710) (58K)
Lobelia.gif- Lobelia inflata (1183x1654) (48K)
Pleurisy Root.gif- Asclepias tuberosa (1183x1454) (58K)
Snakehead.gif- Chelone, Balmony (1239x1814) (57K)
Thoroughwort.gif- Boneset, Eupatorium perfoliatum (1183x1422) (68K)
Winter Green.gif- Gaultheria procumbens (1183x1319) (40K)

Illustrations of medicinal trees, taken from "FOREST TREES OF THE PACIFIC SLOPE" by George Sudworth (1908), originally published by the Forest Service Department
Aesculus californica.gif- California Buckeye (691x979) (53K)
Arbutus menziesii.gif- Madrone (707x951) (38K)
Ceanothus spinosus.gif- Green Buckbrush, California Red Root (707x955) (48K)
Cephalanthus occidentalis.gif- Button Bush (691x947) (40K)
Chilopsis linearis.gif- Desert Willow (691x999) (33K)
Crataegus douglasii.gif- Western Hawthorn (711x943) (28K)
Cupressus macrocarpa.gif- Monterey Cypress (711x959) (52K)
Fremontia californica.gif- California Slippery Elm (679x899) (31K)
Garrya elliptica.gif- Silktassel Tree(707x987) (44K)
Juniperus communis.gif- Common Juniper (711x867) (31K)
Myrica californica.gif- California Bayberry (711x947) (22K)
Prosopis julifera.gif- Mesquite (711x983) (36K)
Rhamnus purshiana.gif- Cascara Sagrada (691x979) (28K)
Sambucus mexicana.gif- Blue Elderberry (691x815) (31K)
Taxus brevifolia.gif- Western Yew (711x959) (37K)
Thuja plicata.gif- Red Cedar, Western Thuja (508x963) (29K)
Umbellularia californica.gif- California (Oregon) Bay (711x991) (33K)

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