A Manual of Organic Materia Medica and Pharmacognosy by Lucius E. Sayre, B.S., Ph. M (4th edition, 1917)*

Arranged by Natural Order and Family, this manual and textbook for graduate and practicing pharmacists is quite similar to Culbreth's Materia Medica. The format is such that it can be scanned and OCR'd, unlike Culbreth's, a bravura display of arcane typesetting complexity. Further, unlike Culbreth, which I reorganized by genus, I have retained the original format of Sayre, i.e., from Algæ to Compositæ, by family. I am splitting it into comfortable-sized .pdf files, rather than have some gigantic 20M single file. All are bookmarked.
Sayre's Materia Medica Part I - ALGÆ to LORANTHACEÆ - 108 pages, 68 illustrations, 2MB Acrobat (.pdf) file
Sayre's Materia Medica Part II - ARISTOLOCHIACEÆ to ROSACEÆ - 89 pages, 57 illustrations, 2.8MB Acrobat (.pdf) file
Sayre's Materia Medica Part III - LEGUMINOSÆ. to SAPINDACEÆ. - 87 pages, 53 illustrations, 2.7MB Acrobat (.pdf) file
Sayre's Materia Medica Part IV - RHAMNACEÆ. to GENTIANEÆ.- 84 pages, 51 illustrations, 3.3 MB Acrobat (.pdf) file
Sayre's Materia Medica Part V - APOCYNACEÆ. to COMPOSITÆ (Section 1) - 87 pages, 60 illustration, 2.7 MB Acrobat (.pdf) file
Sayre's Materia Medica Part VI - COMPOSITÆ (Section 2), ANIMAL DRUGS, Insects Injurious to Plant Drugs, Powdered Drugs and their Microscopic evaluation - 79 Pages, 50 illustrations, 1.4 MB Acrobat (.pdf) file.
^If you would rather access this information as linked text (rather than Acrobat) Henriette Kress has it all on her site at:

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