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American Botanical Council Founder and Executive Director Mark Blumenthal said, "I consider Michael Moore one of my greatest teachers on herbs and medicinal plants, i.e., based on the lectures of his I have attended over the past 35 or more years that I have known him. While I don't have many regrets in my life, if I were to have to make a list, I would definitely include the fact that I never made the time to spend the full 5 months learning with Michael when his school was still residence-based. Now, I, and the herbalists of my generation, as well as new generations of students, will have the immense benefit of learning from Michael via the convenience of this DVD-based program."

Distance Learning Programs

PROGRAM I: Herbal Therapeutics and Constitutional Evaluation

Each of the twelve sections/lessons will be accompanied by a series of questions that will display an understanding of the subject matter covered. Lectures overlap, with each lesson consisting of several ongoing subjects, rather than large blocks of a single subject. Your answers, musings or additional questions can be submitted as a sound file (mp3), audio casette, or email. (I am trying to keep the paper to a minimum). Once that is accomplished, on to the next section.

Each of the organ systems will be dealt with in physiologic terms, therapeutic and treatment methods, and constitutional aspects. The specific tonic herbs for each organ system or stress type will be discussed. The Constitutional Workbook and the Herbal Materia Medica, patient record forms, work sheets and intake forms will be supplied as hard copies, as well as specific reference material referred to in the lectures (and .pdf files for making your own copies).

95% of the material is filmed lectures, with an occasional sound file. Each section will include 6 DVDs, and, from time to time, CDs and DVD's containing additional research material pertinant to the program...stuff you can dawdle with to fill in the gaps that the longest lecture series could not begin to fill. I have 2 Gb of research files, books, and misc. stuff that info hounds can use. They aren't directly necessary for the program. For some folks they enrich, for others, TOO MUCH.

The point of all this is to learn a craft. There are no licenses, no state boards...just information for actual use. The residency program was dense but loose. I intend the home study program to be similar. Constant contact with the subject matter breeds familiarity with it. I would encourage going back to earlier sections; that which seemed confusing is now understandable. A certificate of completion from SWSBM is given at the end. It doesn't mean much; what you learn is what's important.

There will be two optional residencies. In 2007 we had a 6-day class in making herbal preparations (Eden Hot Springs, AZ), and a 6 day field trip for plant identification and gathering procedures (Northern New Mexico and the Spanish Peaks of Southern Colorado). The Eden class was $275 to students, the field trip, $200. We plan on similar offers in 2008

PROGRAM I: Herbal Therapeutics and Constitutional Evaluation cost is $1200 in advance or $120 a lesson ($150 for Lesson I only)
As a devout generalist, I plan on doing everything myself, including burning the DVDs. Tthere will be 150 hours of lectures.

The programs can begin at any time you wish; there is no "starting date". We would prefer that you complete at least one section per month, if only for the continuity it offers.

Donna Chesner, Michael Moore

620 West Limberlost, #24
Tucson, Arizona, 85705
Donna - 520-678-7078

PROGRAM II: Herbal Materia Medica